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Find Your Personal Path to Wellness

I provide Ayurvedic Consultations. Out first consultation will be a 90 minute session where we will explore your medical history in terms of Ayurvedic concepts and discuss your health challenges and goals.  This session will be followed by 2 - 45 minute sessions over the next 6 weeks.  We will develop a Wellness Plan specific to you!


I offer Yoga classes as well as Private Lessons 

             Gentle Yoga - Includes movement to strengthen the body while calming the mind.  Foundational poses will be taught, including standing and sitting poses with twists and breathwork.  

             Restorative Yoga - The perfect balance to a stressful, hectic life allowing deep release and opening of muscles as you recline on various props.  It is a passive form of yoga practiced in stillness as movement shifts from the outer body to the inner self.  The use of props allows the muscles and bones to become heavy and rest. 

Please contact me for class registration and prices.  


Ayurvedic$180 / 90 minutes