Venture Into Wellness
Find Your Personal Path to Wellness


Venture Into Wellness is a Holistic Wellness Practice established for those interested in caring for their body and mind in holistic, nurturing ways. My focus is on helping my clients establish simple, daily habits that serve them in their quest for living a healthy, vibrant life. Ayurvedic Wellness Practices and Yoga together move you along your personal Path to Wellness.

Through Yoga, Flexibility and Strength is Granted.

Through Ayurveda, Wellness is the Gift.


Yoga to me is a way of life. Yoga is not about being skinny, super flexible or being able to stand on my head! It is about movement: creating fluidity and strength in the body; and creating calm and a gentleness in the mind. It is filling my body with breath, or life force, Prana.  Yoga, for me, is exploring and connecting with my body, mind and spirit, in peace.

Life is a Journey and Ayurveda hands us a Roadmap for our Personal Path to Wellness.  Ayurveda is an ancient medical science developed over 5000 years ago in India alongside Yoga. It teaches us how to prevent illness and how to live long, healthy, active lives by navigating our Personal Path to Wellness.

Contact Me to Find Your Personal Path to Wellness:        (315) 447-1218